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The Sun Tavern decided to release its 2nd edition of their menu that was inspired by the British summer and aimed to utilise British ingredients.

We wanted to celebrate the emergence of great products sourced locally from friends in the industry to accompany the: Mezcal, Tequila, Gin, Rum, Irish Whiskey and Poitín commonly found in our mixed drinks and cocktails. We felt that the combination of British syrups and aperitifs with our spirits produced a unique and very seasonal drinks menu.

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The Wake

The aptly named The Wake, is homage to one of The Sun tavern’s favourite classic cocktails… the Corpse reviver #2. This drink (like its inspiration) packs a wallop, featuring a 90% quadruple distilled Poitín. We’ve carefully paired this with Guyanese white rum and Suze gentian spirit. Because of its punchy Irish nature we limit this drink to a max of two per person. This drink is a real firecracker and sure to get any party going.

TheSunTavern-The Wake-cocktail-bar-london-crop-01


Show Me La Mauny

Potent, grassy rhum agricole hailing from the sunny island of Martinique, meets tropical fruit in this exotic number. Inspired by the banana daiquiri, we took this a couple steps further. The original plan was a beer-nana-daiquiri but we couldn’t help ourselves and after adding a few other flavours to our shakers we ended up with this lively libation.

thesuntavern-Show Me La Mauny-cocktail-bar-bethnalgree-crop-08


Fleur De Lis

Cognac has a rich and nutty character. To extenuate this, we combine it our home made pecan syrup and then cut through the sweetness with lime juice and the classic Italian amaro cynar. These four ingredients harmonise perfectly to bring all of the necessary elements of a truly great cocktail; strong, sour, sweet and bitter.

thesuntavern-Fluer De Lis-cocktail-bar-bethnalgree-crop-11


Red Lombriz

Translating as red worm in Spanish, this drink brings together the silky charcoal of mezcal and the sweet zing of raspberries. Garnished with grated dark chocolate this is a great after dinner desert cocktail.

TheSunTavern-Red Lombriz-cocktail-bar-london-crop-01


Mother Bucker

Ever heard of the Scottish party/havoc inducing favourite Buckfast Tonic wine? Well you should have. Affectionately known as ‘bucky’ by its fans this little number will definitely put some wind in your sails. The drink is kind of like turbo sangria; fruity and refreshing but with a sting in its tail.

TheSunTavern-Mother Bucker-cocktail-bar-london-crop-02


Rose Hipster

If this drink was a person he’d have a powerful top knot, beard combo and would probably be hanging out in… well, a cocktail bar. We love how the gin and rose liqueur fits with the fizz of the Prosecco in this concoction. Then the addition of our in house rhubarb cordial brings a luscious tartness to the party. This drink is then elegantly garnished with sweet smelling dried rose buds and soothing mint.

thesuntavern-Rose Hipster-cocktail-bar-bethnalgreen-crop-02 copy


‘dam Buster

This one’s for the adventurous types and took its inspiration from spirits and flavours of central Europe’s liquid culture. Combining gin and cherry liqueur from Holland, German vermouth and Danish kummel. Served with a chocolate covered pretzel for the authentic continental taste.

TheSunTavern-'Dam Buster-cocktail-bar-london-crop-06


One For The Road

This drink follows on from one of The Umbrella Project’s most iconic drinks, the Two Irish Men and just as its predecessor it’s named after The Sun Tavern’s general manager Ciaran, who’s favourite line when he’s supposed to be going home is always “One For the Road”. Naturally this usually turns into several for the road. Think of this drink as a slightly twisted Irish Manhattan.

TheSunTavern-One for the road-cocktail-bar-london-crop-01

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