Bottled Cocktail Delivery in London and across the UK

Bottled Cocktail Delivery


A wide range of our signature cocktails now available pre-bottled direct to your doorstep.

Throwing a cocktail party? The Umbrella Project has you covered, with a variety of pre-bottled cocktails available for delivery.

Bring the taste of our hatch to your doorstep. We’ve a wide range of premium, handmade cocktails, from house classics to iconic cocktails of old, so there’s a serve in store to suit most tastes.

We process all orders within 2 working days and, if you’re an east London local, we offer free same-day collection from the Umbrella Workshop. Happy days.


All our bottled cocktails are available in a variety of packages, from our 2-person Quarantini kit for the perfect quiet night in to our full-blown, 24-bottle party pack, and we pride ourselves on the customisation options available.

So whether you wanted to pick-and-choose among our brand-new house menu, scroll back in time through previous iterations, sip on a selection of all-time cocktail classics, or have a go at creating a bespoke kit, all is possible and there are no holds barred.

Delivery available to multiple addresses, or all-in-one.

  • East 8 Hold Up:​ Victory Vodka, Passion Fruit, Pineapple Syrup, Hotel Starlino Aperitivo, Forever Lime, Pink Grapefruit Cordial (ABV 16.63%).
  • Three Dots And A Dash:​ Cabby’s Small Batch Rum, Velvet Falernum, Pimento Dram, Merlet Triple Sec, Citrus Oleo, Forever Lime, Honey (ABV 17.53%).
  • Banana Daquiri:​ Cabby’s Small Batch Rum, Banane De Brazil, Forever Lime, Tropical Oleo (ABV 21.16%).
  • Umbrella Margarita:​ Ocho Blanco Tequila, Forever Lime, Agave (ABV 24.93%).
  • East London Negroni: ​East London Liquor Company Gin, Victory Bitter, The Umbrella Project Vermouth (ABV 25.43%).
  • Irish Old Fashioned: ​Teeling Small Batch Whiskey, Pedro’s Oloroso Sherry, Angustura Bitters, Regan’s Orange Bitters, Demerera. (ABV 27.77%)
  • Bespoke options available.

The whole idea with the bottled cocktails was to transcend the constraints imposed by the lockdown era, and bring a little taste of our award-winning bars to your doorstep. However, for those of you who have never set foot in either of our establishments, that probably won’t mean a whole lot. So, if you had the time, allow us to paint a picture for you.

No-nonsense classic cocktails that were recognisable to every one, taste great, using local and independent spirit producers and of course accessible and reasonably priced.

Through an unmarked black door, down a narrow staircase and behind a heavy black curtain, lies Discount Suit Company. The first child of the Umbrella Project, DSC opened in January 2014 in a former suit tailor’s store room, and offers classically inspired cocktails in a unique and evocative atmosphere, reminiscent of the site’s previous incarnation. Under low-hanging beams, banging drinks and bar snacks are served to a soundtrack of Northern Soul and Vintage Rock n Roll.

Bethnal Green-based cocktail bar and tearaway younger sibling of DSC, The Sun Tavern has made a name for itself with its original cocktail menus, encyclopedic Irish whiskey list, and an impressive selection of local beers. Taking over the site of a classic East End tavern on Bethnal Green Road in 2014, we feel it offers everything a neighbourhood institution should: classic mixed drinks, sharing punch bowls, local fine ales, live music, great bar snacks, and friendly service.

  • We love the Irish whisky with the zesty ginger beer and have sent a parcel of cocktails to family we haven’t been able to see. All were delivered quickly and safely. We highly recommend this company doing a great job, keeping us in premium drinks during lockdown. I can’t wait until their bars are open again.

    Susan Cooper

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  • Their Quarantini kit of bottled cocktails certainly kept the lockdown blues at bay; as did their takeaway mulled wine from the serving hatch. The bottled Old Fashioned is highly recommended. A chipped glass in a recent order was quickly replaced - prompt and friendly customer service.

    C P

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  • I ordered the COINTREAU MARGARITA DAY KIT ! Great cocktails ! Great service ! We enjoy it :)

    Hen Cohen

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  • Great bottled cocktail. Amazing Selection of Irish whiskey and poitin. Wonderful selection of independent spirits.

    Stevan Livanis

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Founded in 2014 by three friends, The Umbrella Project is a collective committed to creating new and innovative concepts in London and beyond. Currently under the canopy are our afore-mentioned bars, The Sun Tavern and Discount Suit Company, as well as Casa Pueblo in Tulum, Holloway Road’s Umbrella London and musical platform, Umbrella Radio.

Throughout this time, at every stage of our evolution, we’ve been committed to supporting local, independent producers, and that was never going to change when it comes to our bottled cocktails. The contents of each and every bottle have been hand-crafted on-site with care by our dedicated team, utilising the wide and varied talents of as many local brands as we could along the way.

The result is well-made, ethically sourced, and absolutely banging drinks delivered direct to your doorstep. We hope you enjoy.

The result is well-made, ethically sourced, and absolutely banging drinks delivered direct to your doorstep. We hope you enjoy.

“Discount Suit Company and The Sun Tavern spearheaded The Umbrella Project’s popularity as a company. So when the pandemic kicked in at the end of March 2020 the bottled cocktail idea was born out of necessity, wanting to offer the same experience you have in the bars at home. Initially we were only trying to pay some bills, but they were an immediate success. The idea was to create a range of cocktails that were ready to drink, either at home, on the street corner or in the park. No-nonsense classic cocktails that were recognisable to every one, taste great, using local and independent spirit producers and of course accessible and reasonably priced.”

  • A fantastic online service that we discovered through lockdown when looking for ideas to celebrate my wife’s birthday. We ordered a cocktail set and glasses for several of our friends and family and joined a zoom call together. The website is easy to use, the orders easy to place to different locations. The quality of the drinks and the glasses was fantastic and it turned out to be a good idea, executed well. Andy at umbrella project is a knowledgeable and friendly operator, couldn’t recommend more highly.

    James O'Brien

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  • Bought some bottled cocktails from here, arrived quickly and were the best I've had!

    Matt Green

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  • The number one place in London and the UK for cocktails and fun. Whenever we are in London we always stop by and are treated with love. I cannot recommend high enough if you love cocktails, Irish Whiskey and Poitin and who doesn't.!! The take away and home delivery service is top notch even for us in Spain. International delivery always arrives on time. I think we have made it through most of the menu so far but recommend to anyone the El Diablo, the Whiskey Highball Kit and the Quarantini Cocktail Kit. You can't go wrong! Oh and they do their own Ginger Beer which is insane. It's run by the best people too!

    Jamie Duffy

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  • Best at home cocktail kits I’ve had in London. They do same day delivery and have an excellent selection of Mezcal and Whisky. Try the umbrella cider!

    Jessica Warren

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  • Super quick delivery and delicious cocktails to keep us going during lockdown with a wee one! 🙌

    Meredith JC Warren

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