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Teeling X Umbrella London II

London brewery and cidery, Umbrella London have partnered with Dublin’s Teeling Distillery for a second time to bring two brand new limited edition collaborative products to the market; the Umbrella London Ginger Beer finished Teeling Whiskey and a Teeling Whiskey finished Umbrella London Ginger Beer


The collaborative products were born out of a shared passion for local and traditionally inspired, contemporary products which push boundaries. Both Umbrella London and Teeling Whiskey have drawn on the expertise of their teams including Teeling Master Distiller and Master Blender Alex Chasko and Head Brewer Matt Armitage to launch two new and exciting products, both of which are world firsts.

In partnership with Umbrella London, Teeling’s Master Distiller hand selected casks of the team’s finest Ginger Beer to create a truly unique Irish Whiskey. Each cask was used to marry Teeling’s own Small Batch whiskey, capturing the natural flavors of ginger, rich molasses and subtle hints of malt, delicately finished with a hint of lasting spice. The Whiskey is bottled at 46% with no chill filtration completing a whiskey of true character.

To create the Teeling Whiskey finished Umbrella London Ginger Beer, Umbrella London’s Head Brewer Matt Armitage rested 500 litres of Ginger Beer in two used Teeling former bourbon hogshead barrels for two years, before carbonating and canning the liquid. Once emptied, these barrels were then shipped back to the Teeling Distillery in Dublin to be refilled with Teeling Whiskey and rested for nine months to create the alcoholic (5.5%) Umbrella London Ginger Beer finished Teeling Whiskey. The result is something wholly unique, with notes of fresh ginger, tobacco and molasses offering a long and spicy finish with coffee and chocolate.

Teeling Whiskey believes in driving the evolution of Irish Whiskey through the creation of new and unique expressions. The latest release captures the unique influence the Umbrella London Ginger Beer Cask has played in the further maturation of Teeling’s flagship Small Batch blend.

As London’s only independent cider makers, Umbrella London brews, presses and blends on-site, sourcing ingredients from British farmers. Launched in 2015, their alcoholic (5%) Ginger Beer is made using only natural ingredients including hand pressed ginger, hand squeezed lemon juice, cane sugar, malted barley, yeast and water, resulting in a unique ginger sediment at the bottom of the bottle, which is activated when turned. Sessionable and versatile, Umbrella London’s Ginger Beer has been formulated to be enjoyed both on its own, mixed with spirits and as a cocktail ingredient.


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