The Umbrella Project

The Umbrella Project

All our cocktail kits are made using independent and small producer spirits, Everything offered on the online shop has a nod to Discount Suit Company or  The Sun Tavern.


The Umbrella Project bars are community focused, with an emphasis on catering to the local residents and workers, but our reputation spans far and wide.

We were so grateful to everyone who has shopped locally with us. It’s really important for independent businesses who are concerned about their employees future livelihoods. So whether it’s with us or someone else, Shop local, shop independent!”

Founded in 2014 by three friends, The Umbrella Project is a collective committed to creating new and innovative concepts in London and beyond. Currently under the canopy are award-winning bars The Sun Tavern and Discount Suit Company, Holloway Road’s Umbrella London and musical platform Umbrella Radio. Come shelter.

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