Quick 5: Tommy Urwin | The Umbrella Project


What is better, working and The Sun Tavern or Discount Suit Company and why?

Hahaha, nooo you can’t ask me that! They are two completely different bars and great in their own way. Do I have to choose? Ok…Discount. We have a great team down there at the moment and I’m learning a lot, but The Sun Tavern will always be special to me as it was the place I started with The Umbrella Project.

How does the London bar scene compare to the Huddersfield bar scene?

There’s no comparison! Haha! I don’t know why I’m still in London! I can’t find a good pint of John Smith’s Smooth anywhere!


Do you prefer the new menu or the last menu?

The old menu was great but it was already in place when I moved from The Sun Tavern to Discount Suit Company, so it was nice to be around for the creation and launch of the new menu.

How long have you been boxing?

I don’t box…. I AM boxing have you not seen the posters?!

What is with the moustache?

Ohhhhhh the moustache! That was strictly business, all will be revealed soon.



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