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DSC – 7th Menu

July saw the launch of Discount Suit Company’s new menu and we’ve got 9 new cocktails for you to try – as if you needed an excuse to pop in.

The new menu sticks to what we do best – bringing our own twist to classic cocktails. New members of the team, Oli and Hilding, were instrumental in designing the drinks, bringing fresh ideas and pulling us in a slightly different direction.

Check out our new sharer – the Anno, a Pisco based number with pineapple, lemon, bitters and Kummel (a liqueur flavoured with caraway seed, cumin, and fennel.)

Other crowd pleasers are the Dill Will Do – Akvavit, Vodka, Dry Vermouth, Lime, Coconut & Bitters with a sprig of dill to finish, and The Texan Tommy – Bourbon, Madeira, Chocolate Bitters and a ginger beer syrup made from our sister brewery, Umbrella Brewing’s alcoholic ginger beer.

You can see all of our new cocktails below:

Rum Clipper

Rum-Clipper-DiscountSuitCompany-cocktail menu-2017-london-edit-06

Dark Rum, Spiced Liqueur, Absinthe, Black Tea, Pomegranate, Apple & Lime


Airfix-DiscountSuitCompany-cocktail menu-2017-london-edit-01

Gin, Amaro, Lime, Orange and Peach Bitters

Teddy Bear

Teddy-Bear-DiscountSuitCompany-cocktail menu-2017-london-edit-04

White Rum, Agricole Rhum, Pale Ale Syrup, Pineapple, Pink Grapefruit & Lime

Texan Tommy

Texan-Tommy-DiscountSuitCompany-cocktail menu-2017-london-edit-17

Bourbon, Madeira, Umbrella Brewing Ginger Beer Syrup & Chocolate Bitters


Pinger-DiscountSuitCompany-cocktail menu-2017-london-edit-07

Irish Whiskey, Orange, Menthe, Salt & Chocolate Bitters

Dill Will Do

Dill-Will-Do-DiscountSuitCompany-cocktail menu-2017-london-edit-14

Akvavit, Vodka, Dry Vermouth, Lime, Coconut & Bitters

Mi Casa

Mi-Casa-DiscountSuitCompany-cocktail menu-2017-london-edit-27

Mezcal, Bergamot Aperitivo, Fino Sherry, Agave, Apple & Lemon

Manuka Fizz

Manuka-Fizz-DiscountSuitCompany-cocktail menu-2017-london-edit-24

Olive Oil Gin, Kamm and Sons, Escubac, Tonka Bitters & Lemon


Anno-DiscountSuitCompany-cocktail menu-2017-london-edit-31

(Serves 2) Pisco, Kummel, Pineapple, Lemon, Club Soda & Bitters


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