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Subterranean Summer at DSC

This August, Tequila Ocho are teaming up with Discount Suit Company and another four of East London’s best basement bars to bring you their Subterranean Summer, just when you need a little respite from the sun (and some of that sweet AC!).

Participants can claim one Ocho Tequila cocktail per bar for just £5 throughout the whole month, and with the menu-cum-checklist you can cross off the serves from each of the bars as you sip your way through them. Those who manage to get a stamp from all 5 can claim a free cocktail for their endeavour, at whichever of the bars they desire.

DSC’s offering is their twist on a Paloma,  El Pájaro -Ocho Blanco Tequila, Grapefruit & Umbrella Brewing Cider Sherbet, Citrus, Tonic

The other bars involved are Spitalfields duo, Bar Three & Hawksmoor Bar; Ruby’s Bar & Lounge in Dalston; and London Bridge’s Nine Lives.

There’s no sign up required, just go to any of the participating bars and ask for their Subterranean Summer serve, they’ll do the rest.

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