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Sandita – Guest Cocktail – DSC


April’s guest cocktail was the Sandita, and featured a fair bit of Cucamelon Gin courtesy of That Boutique-y Gin Company.

They specialise in bottling a plethora of the finest gins from around the globe, visiting some of the world’s best distilleries, and working with some of the best brands and minds in the industry.

Their label art is also quite fun – it’s all hand-illustrated and often include depictions of Gindustry folk replete with in-jokes.

This guy was available for just £8.50 a go – ft. Cocchi Americano, Aperol, Lime & Club Soda.

Missed out on April’s guest serve? Never fear, there’s the Señor Juan to look forward to over the next 30-or-so days.


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