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Review: New Cocktail List Launch – TST

Last month, we at The Sun Tavern dropped our all-new summer-ready cocktail list and had a good old-fashioned party to celebrate.

There were plenty of good vibes, good people, banging drinks, and a boatload of free Bánh mì to boot.

We also had the pleasure of welcoming through our doors Mr David Preshaah – founder and head spinner at our good mates, Hoxton Radio – who took to the turntables and threw out some non-specific rock ‘n’ roll goodness.

The real star of the show, however (sorry, David), was our cocktail list which was debuting on the night.

While our past menus have focussed on the indigenous spirits of the world, this list goes that one step further.

Drawing inspiration from the food and drink beloved of each country, the cocktails have been designed as true representations of each nation – using only indigenous ingredients where possible, while also keeping themselves accessible.

Furthermore, each cocktail has been christened with the name of revolutionary spirits from each of the nations on show, paying reverence to the likes of Italy’s Giuseppe Mazzini, Mexico’s Pancho Villa, Sakatomo Ryōma of Japan, and Ireland’s Patrick Pearse.

They certainly hit the spot, as each and every one went down a treat. So, without further ado, let’s introduce you to one another:


Mazzini – Campari | Amaro Nonino | Coffee Liqueur | Orange | Double Cream

Named in honour of the Italian revolutionary who spearheaded the reunification movement, Mazzini utilises only the finest Italian produce and we’re willing to wager it’ll be the closest thing to liquid tiramisu you’ll ever have tasted.


Muñoz – Apricot-Infused Pisco | Pinot Noir | Cinnamon | Balsamic Shrub

Next in the spotlight is this sight for sore eyes. Inspired by, and named after, the revolutionary spirit of Chilean general, engineer, politician and benefactor – Pedro Pablo Muñoz, the drink makes use of Chilean staples, Pinot Noir and Pisco.


Pearse – Irish Whiskey | Sweet Potato-Infused Poitín | Lime | Oat Stout Syrup.

Making our way back across the Atlantic to more familiar climes, this one’s for Patrick Pearse – teacher, barrister, poet, and one of the leaders of the 1916 Easter Rising. Widely regarded as the embodiment of the rebellion, the finest Irish ingredients are used to make up his honorary libation.


Villa – Mezcal | Popped Blue Corn Tequila | Chilli Liquor | Tepache Syrup | Mole Bitters

Hailing from the Mexican Altiplano, and christened in the name of the revolutionary general who once roamed it’s plains, we bring you Villa – a fiery serve with more than a little punch. Pancho would be proud.


Ryōma – Japanese Whisky | Umeshu | Yuzu | Ansam | Shisho Leaf Cordial

Named in honour of the man who overthrew the Tokugawa Shogunate, but who also at the same time paradoxically engineered peace between the remaining warring prefectures, Ryōma is our sweet-sour tribute to what some may call a complex man.


Paine – Bourbon | Rock ‘n’ Rye | Cassis | Lemon | Chocolate Peanut Butter Doughnut Syrup

Next up we’re turning our attention to the States, and the Englishman whose pamphlets inspired the American Revolution which in turn threw out his compatriots – Thomas Paine. Sweet, deep, varied and rich – much like the American sub-continent he called home – this serve’s a tonic for most occasions.


Le Bas – Calvados | Cognac | Green Chartreuse | Picon | Beetroot & Fennel Cordial | Club Soda

Named after the French revolutionary Phillipe-François-Joseph Le Bas (you can see now why we just opted for ‘Le Bas’), this libation utilises the finest French produce we have to hand to create a fragrant, well-balanced, and eminently drinkable serve. Some in his day called ol’ Philippe cold – but that’s just how we like ’em at The Sun.

Come and grab your favourite while they’re chilly and the weather is hot.

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