Independent Gin Martini Kit 2


Need a Martini? Well here you go!

Using some of our favourite independent spirits…


1 x Bottle of Victory Gin – 43.3%

1 x Bottle of Londinio Dry Vermouth – 16.5%

1 x Can of Perello Gordal Olives

2x Nick & Nora Cocktail Glasses


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Anyone who has been to our bar Discount Suit Company  may notice it is a London version of F. Scott Fitzgearld’s novel “The Great Gatsby” –  story of the Great American dream set in hedonistic 1920. A story of jazz, libertine youth culture and speakeasies. Enter the Martini……and by god does Discount make a mean Martini. So the lads in the bar have put together this naughty kit so you too can feel like Jay at home.

Put on your best, press play and let’s get in the making some memories to forget.

First of all, stick those glasses in the freezer to add that cool vibe to your drink. Grab yourself a mixing tin or if your cocktail game isn’t up to Jay’s standard yet, any old container will do – a stolen pint glass or a measuring jug. We normally just free pour, but that doesn’t always work out well. Pick up your stolen shot glass and fill it up with some Victory Gin and repeat. Now half fill that bad boy up with Londinio Dry Vermouth. (add more or less depending on your taste). Add ice to the top and stir using a spoon or even a bread knife, until the glass has built up a small ice film. Using a strainer (if you don’t have one a smaller glass that sits nicely in the glass will work) pour this delicious mixture into your chilled glasses.


Now here is where the Martini really comes into its own… to finish it! Olive, olive brine, pickled onion, lemon twist, orange twist, Bitters or Chartreuse Yellow 🤔 They all have a name but who really cares?

“I’ve been drunk for about a week now, and I thought it might sober me up to sit in a library.”



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