Vintage Gin Martini Kit 1970’s


Vintage Gin Martini Kit 1970’s

Like Martinis? Why not try tasting something from the past with our Vintage Gin Martini Kit all from the 70’s?

1x Negroni Dry Gin Circa 1970’s

1x Riccadonna Dry Aperitivo Secco 1970’s Bottling

1x Can of Perello Gordal Olives (Not from the 1970’s as they wouldn’t taste very nice!!)

2x Vintage 1970’s cocktail glasses


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Vintage Gin Martini Kit 1970’s

With all the talk about who could be the new James Bond at the moment. Let not forget the men who made him the icon we all love. First of all, take your Vintage 1970’s Gin Martini Kit and stick those glasses in the freezer to add that cool vibe to your drink. Grab yourself a mixing tin or if your cocktail game isn’t up to James’s standard yet, any old container will do – a stolen pint glass or a measuring jug. We normally just free pour, but that doesn’t always work out well. Pick up your stolen shot glass and fill it up with some Coates & Co Plym – Gin and repeat. Now half fill that bad boy up with Riccadonna Dry Aperitivo Secco. (add more or less depending on your taste). Add ice to the top and stir using a spoon or even a bread knife, until the glass has built up a small ice film. Using a strainer (if you don’t have one a smaller glass that sits nicely in the glass will work) pour this delicious mixture into your chilled glasses.

Now here is where the Martini really comes into its own… to finish it! Olive, olive brine, pickled onion, lemon twist, orange twist, bitters.


Now look into your mirror and with your sexiest voice let out that unforgettable catchphrase

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