Independent Negroni Kit


Love a negroni? Want to support local independents? Try this now!

  1. Bottle of  Tempus Fugits Gran Classico Bitter– 28%
  2. Bottle of Vermouth del Professore– 18%
  3. Bottle of East London Liquor Company Gin – 40%
  4. Two Rocks Glasses

Enjoy our Independent Negroni Kit!

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The Negroni, the cocktail  to order when you cant think of anything else or everything else seems a bit meh. This really is a Love/Hate drink and everyone has there own way to make it.

Here at The Umbrella Project take ours very seriously, so seriously we don’t spent ages on it.


First of all, place those elegant glasses in your freezer. Using a potato peeler, attack that pink grapefruit. No need for a mixing tin here, we will be using the glasses that you are chilling. Once they are cold enough for you get them out. Using a bar measure if you are fancy, an egg cup or baking hand measure if you aren’t. Pour equal amount from the Victory Bitters, Vermouth del Professore and East London Liquor Company Gin into your glass. Add some ice and give a quick stir. If its the first one of the day maybe use a spoon but as it gets later in the night why not use your finger ala Gaz Regan. Zest with your grapefruit and drop that peel into your glass. Chin Chin.

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