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The Sun Tavern hosts the largest range of Irish Whiskey & Poitín legally available through our spirit tasting sessions, to buy from our bottle shop or simply neat or mixed into a classic cocktail.

We aim to show the strengths and dynamic flavours of an array of Irish whiskey and Poitín at The Sun Tavern.

Our tasting sessions immerse you in the once illicit Poitín that ranges between 40-90%, highlighting taste as well as the background of the rebellious souls who kept it in production illegally.

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If you simply want to try these drinks, The Sun Tavern’s Irish Whiskey and Poitín are both sold neat or mixed into cocktails, exposing which flavours compliment these premium spirits.

Full bottles of both Irish Whiskey and Poitín are available online, from our bottle shop or at the bar at The Sun Tavern. The tasting sessions and bottles of both Gaelic spirits make a great, lesser-given gift for purveyors of fine liquids.

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Knockeen Hills Gold – Poitín – £31


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Teeling Whiskey Co. – Poitín – £28


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