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Interview: Dave Mulligan – Bán Poitín

Here is Dave Mulligan, co-founder of Bán Poitín, giving us an insight to his relationship with The Sun Tavern in Bethnal Green, the infamous spirit of poitín and his sprirt brand Bán Poitín.

This is the first interview in a series of videos that The Umbrella Project will be releasing with brand owners, ambassadors local heroes and our friends.


You can buy a bottle of Bán Poitín from The Sun Tavern’s online bottle shop.



Here are some of The Sun Tavern’s cocktails that use Bán Poitín…


Mother Bucker – Bán Poitín, Buckfast, Bold Cherry Aperitif, Fresh Orange, Lemon and Angostura Bitters, topped with Club Soda

TheSunTavern-Mother Bucker-cocktail-bar-london-crop-01

Bánshee – Bán Poitín, Vulson White Rhino Rye, Yellow Chartreuse, Homemade Lime Cordial & Lime Juice


Galway Bay – Bán Poitín, Homemade Lime Cordial, Citric Acid & a Bay Leaf

thesuntavern-St Patrick's Day-2016-Galway Bay-cocktail-bar-bethnalgreen-edit-crop-03

Power to your Elbow – Bán Poitín, Amaro Montenegro, Black Sheep Espresso & Fourpure Oatmeal Stout

thesuntavern-St Patrick's Day-2016-Power to your Elbow-cocktail-bar-bethnalgreen-edit-crop-01

Mountain Dew – Bán Poitín, Lillet Blanc, Tripple Sec, Violette & Lemon Juice

thesuntavern-St Patrick's Day-2016-Mountain Dew-cocktail-bar-bethnalgreen-edit-crop-08

You can buy a bottle of Bán Poitín from The Sun Tavern’s online bottle shop.

thesuntavern-Ban Poitin-New-Poitin-bottle-shop-edit-crop-01

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