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5 Minutes with Paul Day

Paul Day is a regular DJ at both The Sun Tavern & Discount Suit Co. – as versatile as he is natty.

Chances are he’ll be spinning platters at one or the other come the weekend…




You’re well known round these parts for your ’Absolutely No Requests’ sign. What’s the funniest request you’ve ever had?

Slap bang in the middle of Psyche/Garage set a girl approached me and asked for ‘Africa’ by Toto! When I told her no, she looked like I’d killed her child! She couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t play it. I’ve also had a guy come up to me and ask if he can look through my DVD’s. He saw my 7”s and actually thought I was selling DVD’s.

No requests


You’re also known for your taste for red wine, but do you have a favourite concoction from Discount Suit Company or The Sun Tavern, past or present?

Well once there was pomegranate & tabasco, courtesy of Tommy (Discount’s jovial Northern barman) when he switched drinks on me, that was hideous! In The Sun I had ‘The Doris’, that’s awesome. If you want Pomegranate & tabasco though……..speak to Tommy.


What’s was the last record you heard which changed your life for a second?

Les Lutines – ‘La Junglomanie’
They’re a Garage band from Montreal and it was a song I had on a mixtape back in about ’98 and I never knew what it was. Quite recently I played the flip side of a Japanese reissue of a song by a completely different band and I literally couldn’t believe it, it was the tune. It’s a crazy track, instrumental. Really short and sweet.


What’s your prize possession in your record collection?

My dad was in a band in the 60’s – Margo and The Marvettes, and bizarrely I found a 45 from 1964 when I was in America. It’s called ‘Say You Will’. I don’t even think my dad’s got it!


Amazing. What did your dad say when you told him?

He just found it funny. he doesn’t see why anyone would be interested anymore.

discountsuitcompany-Paul Day-DJ-cocktail-bar-london-edit-02


Your stood at the decks, a few glasses of red wine in, and mother nature calls. what’s your tune of choice to ensure you have enough time to get to the toilet and back?

Spanky Wilson – ’Sunshine Of Your Love’
It’s three and a half minutes long. Just enough, that’s alright. In fact that’s plenty of time.

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