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Whisk(e)y Cocktails at TST

February saw us drop a brand-new initiative at The Sun Tavern. Whisk(e)y Wednesdays are no more – from now on we’re dropping a brand new Whisk(e)y Cocktail list every single month.

Not too long ago we figured: why let Wednesdays get all the whisk(e)y-soaked fun? So we’ve decided to share the love and open it up to the rest of the week.

So from now on, you’ll have a regularly-refreshed roster of whisk(e)y-based mixed drinks to get your lips around in Bethnal Green, available every single day at £7.50 a pop – with a different distillery under the spotlight each month.

Master Irish Whiskey blenders, the county Clare-based J.J. Corry, held the distinction of being the very first producers featured.

We featured their award-winning flagship liquid, The Gael, in each of our serves. The Gael is a blend of single malts (aged for 11, 15 and 26 years) with seven-year-old grain whiskey. The result is a fresh and juicy spirit with notes of citrus fruit and spice.

Take an admiring glance back at the mixed-drink goodness that awaited our guests in February:

The Gael – J.J. Corry | Banana | Cacao Blanc | Montenegro.

Cooraclare – J.J. Corry | Fino | Apple | Lemon | Macadamia Orgeat | Egg White.

Big J.J. – J.J. Corry | Suze | Vanilla Honey | Mandarin Sherbet | Lemon | Orange Blossom | Soda.

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