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Review: New Cocktail List Launch – DSC

July 18th saw the release of our brand new summer-ready cocktail lineup here at Discount Suit Company, our 9th menu.

As always, we kept close to our ethos of classic style drinks using traditional methods. However we also put some focus on spirits which are oft overlooked – Oloroso, Bergamot Aperitif and Quinquina Aperitivo to name but a handful.

With summer at its height, there are plenty of crisp, fresh concoctions to keep patrons refreshed, not least Frida, Bar Manager, Oli Blom’s creation inspired by his recent stint at The Umbrella Project’s latest adventure, Tulum’s concept hotel Casa Pueblo.

Combining staples, like hibiscus, Mezcal, lime, and much more this mixed drink medley utilises some of the finest ingredients Mexico has to offer to whisk you off to the Gulf.

Our doors opened at 6pm, and attendees found their way to their bar where they tasted some choice samples from our new lineup.

Meanwhile, Umbrella Radio’s resident DJs took to our turntables and span out some series funk, soul and motown hits to provide a jovial soundtrack the night.

Good times were had by all, and a big thanks to everyone who came down to say hi. If you missed out, never fear, our new serves are here to stay for the duration of the summer so there’s plenty of time to introduce yourselves.

So without any further ado, here’s our shiny new list in all it’s glory. Which is your favourite?


Frida – Hibiscus Mezcal | Sweet Vermouth | Apricot | Lime.

The Frenchman – Cognac | Yellow Chartreuse | Quinqina Aperitif | Maraschino | Bogart’s Bitters.

Big Sandy – Bourbon | Kopi Jahe Syrup | Cardamom Bitters.

Vitruvius – White Rum | Bergamot Aperitivo | Campari | Lime.

Another Pisco Drink – Pisco | Madeira | Fermented Pineapple Syrup | Lime | Chuncho Bitters.

Woo Tang – Vodka | Suze | Peach | Sparkling Wine | Cranberry Cordial.

El Matador – Oloroso | Pedro Ximinéz | Cherry Bounce | Pink Grapefruit.

Running Through The Drambles – Blended Scotch Whisky |Raspberry & Pear Shrub | Rhubarb Club Soda.

One For All (sharer) – Somerset Cider Brandy | Sweet Vermouth | Spiced Pear Cordial | Umbrella Brewing Ginger Beer | Jerry Thomas Bitters.


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