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London Cocktail Week 2017 – DSC

Drink Up London’s, London Cocktail Week 2017 DSC saw a belter of a drink down at the bar.

Benandonner – Elements of Islay Whisky PEAT, Ruby Port, Millionaire Syrup & Lemon

The cocktail was somewhat inspired by the ‘Giant’s Causeway’, with Element’s Of Islay PEAT whisky taking centre stage. The drink was named after a Scottish giant named Benandonner, who was scared off babies…

He was a fearsome beast of a giant with flaming red hair and an extremely burly beard. As you might imagine, he was not known for his placid nature. One day Benandonner challenged Irish giant Finn-Maccool to a fight by yelling terrible insults across the sea.

“Yar boo and sucks,” retorted Finn-Maccool. “You think you’re so tough. Well, come here and say that!”. To prove he meant business, he single handedly constructed a bridge across the sea stretching all the way from Ireland to Scotland.

Benandonner eagerly stumbled across the Giant’s Causeway for the wrestling match of the century. When he stepped on to Irish soil there was no sign of his rival. Instead he noticed a giant baby almost as big as he.

“Och, if that’s the wee baby bairn, what must the daddy be like?” he thought. Benandonner was large, but not that large. In a panic, he decided he’d been there and done that and fled back to Scotland, tearing the Causeway apart as he went.

The giant baby laughed. It was Finn-Maccool wrapped in a huge sheet. Another triumph for Ireland’s sneakiest giant.

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