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Halloween Ripper Tour at DSC

Discount Suit Company is plumb in the middle of Jack The Ripper’s infamous hunting ground of yesteryear, so we’re teaming up once more with the award winning London Walks – proprietors of THE Jack The Ripper Tour.

All Hallows’ Eve sees the return of our Jack The Ripper Tour. It will commence at Discount Suit Company, 29a Wentworth Street, where you’ll receive a hot punch upon arrival, to warm your cockles before you embark on your amble

You’ll then slalom the backstreets of Whitechapel and Spitalfields, guided by Simon Whitehouse, a blue badge holder and mentored by Donald Rumelow – “the leading authority on Jack The Ripper”.

You’ll learn of both, Jack’s exploits and the bungled investigations that followed. The tour will conclude at Discount Suit Company, where you can digest all you’ve taken in with a Jack The Ripper themed cocktail – the Gin soaked Saucy Jack.

Saucy Jack – Gin, Amontillado Sherry, Blackberry Syrup, Citrus, Bitters

There tour starts at 18:45 and lasts approximately 90 mintes. Tickets are £20 Sterling, inclusive of two cocktails and the walking tour itself, so wrap up warm and spare not the horses squire!

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