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Buffalo Trace Antiques Selection Masterclass

The 4th October sees us host a very special Buffalo Trace Antiques Collection Masterclass in the afternoon, which will involve an in-depth, 2-hour long tasting and talk with Drew Mayville – Buffalo Trace’s Master Blender.

He’ll be making the journey all the way across the pond to Spitalfields to join us. Whilst here, he will be using his expertise to give our guests an unparalleled insight into the art of whiskey blending, spilling some serious insider knowledge on the finer points of the liquids along the way.

Kicking off just after lunch time at 1:30pm, giving guests a chance to line their stomachs beforehand, they will sip on five of the finest bourbons from Buffalo Trace’s Kentucky-based distillery, all aged between 6 and 18 years for your enjoyment.

You’ll also learn a bit about the history of the stuff, what makes bourbon distinct from other whiskey categories, and the varying processes of each, as you go.

Tickets are £20 and available here.

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