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5 minutes with Anne Frankenstein

Anne is one of DSC’s regular DJ’s.

You can catch her most weeks playing her Soul & Funk gems. Strictly vinyl!


You seem to DJ most of the week. What keeps you busy when you’re not?

What do I do? Well I work in a record shop (Flashback Records in Bethnal Green) on Saturdays, more for the purposes of getting cheap records than anything else! I do radio and I took up running a couple months ago. I find that DJing can be a little isolating as well, so I make sure that I’m keeping in touch with friends and other DJ’s. And also, now the sun’s come out I’m playing basketball all the time. It’s the funnest thing in the world! Up to Hackney Downs, and shoot some hoops!

Ah, so you’re a big into your basketball?

No, oh god. What I lack in skill, I make up for in unbridled enthusiasm! It’s great fun though.



Have you got anything I can dance to?! What’s the funniest request you’ve ever received?

I was playing an event and they just wanted pure soul so I was playing Marvin Gaye. A woman came up to me, she was quite drunk, and she asked “Can you play something smoochier?”

Now, it’s my understanding that ‘smoochy’ isn’t in the dictionary, but I’d say Marvin Gaye, by definition, is pretty ‘smoochy’. There was a lady in Discount one time, again pretty drunk, and she kept asking for Meatloaf and AC/DC. I told her it was strictly Funk and Soul, so she says “OK, Funk and Soul, Funk and Soul……Brian Adams!”



Have you got a favourite concoction from DSC?

This stuff is wasted on me. I’ve got the palate of a three year old and everything’s got quite a kick to it. I’m always offending the guys when I pull a funny face when I try them. They sometimes make me a Daiquiri which is great, but I have to wait till near the end because they’re so boozy for me.

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What was your last musical epiphany?

Because I do radio, I have to find a new playlist every week, so I’m always discovering tunes that completely blow my mind. There’s this African guy called Francis Bebey who made records in the 70’s. I think he was a real traditional West African musician. Then he decided he wanted to have success in the West, so he found a synth and made an album. He has a song called ‘The Coffee Cola Song’ which is so Summery and weird. It’s like when the 60’s or the 70’s just spits something out and you’re like ‘Where the fuck did that come from?’ because there’s nothing like it.


You can slip in a little Ska or Rocksteady at DSC, but have you ever done ‘Rewind!?!?!’

I’ve never literally said those words!! Sometimes if I double deck with someone I’d do something like that.

Finally, what’s your most treasured platter in your collection?

I was in America last year, around Nashville and Memphis, New Orleans. Man, there was this one record shop in Memphis called Shangri-la. At first I walked in and thought there were no 7”s, turned a corner and there was a whole wall that just said ’SOUL’. It was 34°C outside and I spent the whole day in there! Everything I’d ever been looking for turned up in those boxes. A few Joe Tex singles, but I’d say ‘Sweet Inspiration’ by The Sweet Inspirations – such a gorgeous gospely track.

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