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5 minutes with Eli Silverman

Eli is our serial crate-digger and specialist in all styles.

Catch him DJing at DSC on Fridays.


You DJ a hell of a lot, but what else keeps you occupied?

I am an actor, comedian and professional call centre employee. I also do a podcast – The Cheapshow, that’s a comedy thing. We’re on the 25th episode and it’s been accruing listeners quite a lot recently. I’ve been appearing in a YouTube channel as well. It’s called Barshens – two old school YouTubers joined forces and I’m appearing in a lot of their videos.


Do you have a favourite DSC concoction, past or present?

I think it would be the Charlie Chaplin, if you remember that one. It’s like old school sweeties. It has sweet brandy, very smooth. It’s the kind of cocktail you can drink about five of.



Have you got anything I like?! What’s the funniest request you’ve had?

I’ll always try and listen to requests but it depends on if I have it, and if it fits with what I’m playing. A guy the other night asked to make a request then asked to see my playlist. This guy just wanted to make a request – that was his request! It’s not like he had a tune in his head.

Another guy came up to me once telling me how great a job I was doing and how much he loved it. Then he requested ‘War’ by Edwin Starr and I didn’t have copy. He immediately turned on me, “Call yourself a DJ and you don’t have that??!!”. I was like, ‘Hold on, I was “Great” a minute ago!’

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So you’ve supped your 5 Charlie Chaplins, and you need to use the water closet. What’s your song of choice to give you ample time to make it there and back?

It has to be Disco for these kind of tunes. I call them ‘Triple-S’ tunes – shower, sh*t and a shave! So Disco-mixes. I don’t know how reliable this is, but original Disco DJ’s insist the original extended Disco-mix was invented so the DJ could go to the toilet and do whatever they needed to do! Less DJing, more partying ‘cos it was such a hedonistic scene.

The one I use a lot is ‘Overdose Of Love’ by Lowrell. You can maybe even get a bit of a smoke as well!


What’s your prized possession from your record collection?

It’s difficult to say but I think I’d have to go with this BBC for schools record I picked up in a charity shop. It’s called ‘Mind, Music & Movement’ and on one side it’s all these exercises for classical instruments, but the other side is the Radiophonic Orchestra doing weird experimental synthesizer music. I’d never even seen it listed anywhere. That kind of thing really…tickles my li li, you know what I’m saying. I don’t know how much it’s worth and I’ve probably got things that are worth more, but I think it’s my favourite just for the obscurity.



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