Irish Whiskey Tasting at The Umbrella Workshop

Irish Whiskey Tasting

The Umbrella Workshop

Every Saturday 1pm

Join us for our Irish Whiskey Tastings each and every Saturday, where you will taste five different Irish whiskeys and also a poitín just for good measure. You will learn all about the tradition of Irish distilling, from triple distilled Single Malts to Single Pot Still whiskeys and the events that shaped these spirits.

Each session will take place at 1pm, lasting an hour and a half, and are priced at £65 per person, with each guest having the opportunity to sample a selection of whiskeys, showcasing each style of Irish whiskey, sourced from the best distilleries in Ireland, plus a reception cocktail on arrival showing the liquid’s versatility.

Whiskey Tasting Format

  • Length:

    Sessions last approximately two hours.

  • Reception Cocktail:

    Enjoy a whiskey cocktail before the tasting begins.

  • Introduction to the tasting:

    Introduction to the tasting by our experienced bartender leading the class.

  • Tasting:

    Taste a range of Irish whiskeys starting with a poitín.

  • Afters:

    We can arrange for a taxi to either of our sister bars, The Sun Tavern to continue your Irish whiskey education, or Discount Suit Company for classic whiskey cocktails.

Where are we located

The Umbrella Workshop is located at 10 Cleeve Workshops. These buildings originally would have been used as workshops for specialist crafters back in the late 1800’s such as blacksmiths, armourers, weavers and many more. Today not much has changed, Cleeve Workshops is home to a community of like minded companies who care about their craft and their community. In the heart of Shoreditch, Cleeve Workshop’s is tucked away in a quiet serene neighbourhood that benefits from being in the centre of Shoreditch but also benefiting from the peace and quiet that is offered by Boundary Street.

More Tastings to come …

New tastings will be available online soon, including East London Spirit Tasting. Please sign up to the mailing list to be the first to hear about it.

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