West Country Summer Cup Kit


West Country Summer Cup Kit

1x Pen Sans Summer Cup 700ml

1x Tarquins Gin 350ml

3 X Karma Drinks Organic Lemony Lemonade 250ml

2 X The Sun Tavern Summer Cup Tankards

1 X Vintage Jug

3 X The Umbrella Project Coasters

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West Country Summer Cup Kit

A guilty pleasure of the Umbrella Project is a West Country Summer Cup Kit and sitting in the park with friends.

We have picked our favourite summer cup liqueur from the West Country, Pens Sans Summer Cup only use the fruits in season at the time of production. We have included a bottle of Tarquins Gin made in the same region, so you can add an extra punch to it.

Grab whatever fruit you have on hand and slice and dice them. Add them to your glass. Heavy pour some Pens Sans Summer Cup and a dash of Tarquins Gin to it . Top with some of the banging Lemony Lemonade from Karma Drinks. A sprig of mint and you are ready to go for a traditional English Summer eve.



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