Quiquiriqui Ensamble Espadin Cuishe Tepeztate Mezcal


Quiquiriqui Ensamble Espadin Cuishe Tepeztate is made of an equal blend of the three agave types, Espadin and wilds Cuishe and Tepeztate. The Espadin is made by the Mendez family, the Madrecuishe is made by Mezcaleria Isabel Rios from El Sitio del Palmar and the Tepeztate by Orlando Altamirano from Zoquitlan.

The agaves are roasted together in the underground roasting pit but distilled separately using the same handmade traditional practices. The 3 liquids are then blended by the master distiller to the unique QQRQ recipe at 47% abv. The liquid is rested for 2 weeks before bottling.


70cl 47%

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