Paloma Cocktail Kit


Mexico’s National Cocktail!

1 x Bottle of Ocho Blanco Tequila

2 x Ocho Branded Glasses

3 x Three Cents Grapefruit Soda

2 x Umbrella Project Coasters


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The Paloma, what a drink. Perfect in any weather. So let’s get down to making it.

We always say a good healthy slug of Tequila Ocho over ice, topped with some delicious Three Cents Grapefruit Soda, at home or in a park, will always work out just fine, BUT, if you want to have that “made in a bar” feel……..

First off, rim that glass with some grapefruit or lime and then roll you glass in some sea salt, then fill said glass to the top with some cubed ice.

Pour 50ml of Ocho Blanco (if you don’t have a bar measure thats totally fine, a shot glass will do, or even an egg cup will get you close to the mark)

Top With your Three Cents Grapefruit Soda and add some more ice if needed. Pop a slice of Pink Grapefruit and add a straw. Done. Now you too are on your way to becoming a bartender.











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