A long time friend of the company – Melanie Symonds, created QuiQuiRiQui in 2011, partnering directly with families who have been producing traditional mezcal in their communities for generations.

The name “Qui-Qui-Ri-Qui” (pronounced Kee-Kee-Ree-Kee) comes from the sound a rooster makes.

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QuiQuiRiQui Espadin
Agave type: Espadin
Our flagship expression. The  is a classic “house style” mezcal form the Mendez family, affordable without compromising ingredients or traditional production values, it’s perfect for cocktails or as a solid sipping mezcal.
Tasting Notes
Nose: Sweet agave, leather, vanilla, pepper and smoke.
Palate: Lightly vegetal, earthy, woody, black pepper.
Finish: Slightly sweet, spicy, dark chocolate.
ABV: 45% 70cl