Quiquiriqui Mezcal Wild Tobala


One of their wild agave expressions, Quiquiriqui Mezcal Wild Tobala, only available in limited batches. These are fully wild agave harvested in the hills surrounding Matatlan, Oaxaca. Tobala grows at high altitudes, and its small size yields extremely limited quantities of intensely aromatic and flavourful mezcal. Due to its size and long growing period (10-15 years), agave Tobalá is becoming increasingly rare, Quiquiriqui have adopted sustainability efforts to ensure that their mezcal is made with agave Tobala that will continue in the future – QQRQ only produces small amounts per year and replant 10 x seeds as agaves used (as with all wild agave types used). Unlike most other agave, Tobala does not produce hijuelos, which are the shoots or pups that sprout around the main plant once it has matured. For this reason, Tobala can only grow from seed.



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A long time friend of the company – Melanie Symonds, created Quiquiriqui in 2011, partnering directly with families who have been producing traditional mezcal in their communities for generations.

The name “Qui-Qui-Ri-Qui” (pronounced Kee-Kee-Ree-Kee) comes from the sound a rooster makes.


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