Killowen Stone Soup Poitín


As a native spirit, the Poitín technical file is more in need of reform than Whiskey (it’s younger sibling). The current file has been imagined by a Whiskey lobby which unfortunately recognises the potential of Poitín as much as we do. If we consider the relationship Mescal has with Tequila, it’s a suitable analogy. The booming success of Mescal internationally has created a huge vibrant international economy for the Mexican people. All of this has occurred while Mexico has been governed by one slightly less competent government than Ireland’s two today.
Why then has Poitín not yet exploded to its’ rightful place of international fame? you can join the dots.
The Story of Stone Soup is one fondly remembered from childhood, a story originating in eastern Europe that had seen recent changes to suit relative audiences. It is a story of sharing, but ultimately it tells us of two types of people, a powerful influential figure, removed from the reality of the world who suddenly finds he is unable to feed himself until a normal everyday person decides to make him a delicious bowl of soup using only a small stone. The same disassociation today between some and the reality of our native spirits has inspired this bottling.
To comply with legislation, this bottle of Poitín must be stored for a period not exceeding ten weeks and the labelling may not refer to casks, maturation, or aging on the label, presentation, marketing or packaging material.

Limited to 252 bottles

50cl   55%

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It somehow smells sticky, with figs & dates, a little turf smoke and pine tree.
Killowen DNA is all over it, sweet, earthiness, menthol & brown sugar at the same time. The mouthfeel is oily lather
Grapefruit Brûlée & honey glazed ham, a hint of lavender astringency and very warming without any burn.