Independent Spritz Kit


Heard of an Aperol Spritz? Well in our opinion this is better, with all small independent producers

1x Bottle of Hotel Starlino Torino aperitivo – 17%

1x Bottle of our house frizzante prosecco – 11%

3x Bottles of Three Cents Plain Soda

1x Can of Perello Gordal Olives

2x Discount Suit Company Wine Glasses

Just add a slice of orange and you’re good to go! Independent Spritz Kit.

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In a time when we are not sure if, when or where we can go on holidays. We have come up with a way of bringing the feeling to you, our Independent Spritz Kit.

Who doesn’t love a……….Spritz? Its bitter/sweet flavour is just a perfect blend, add in the few weeks of British Summer and you are laughing. So why not try a new version of it, the one we fell in love with during lockdown 1.0? Hotel Starlino is one of those products that makes everyone look at you. They will think “When did this person get some taste?” We have paired this with a incredible bottle of Frizzante Prosecco, some soda and the best olives in town.

This is without a doubt the easiest cocktail to make. The ingredients go in a ratio of 1/2/3. So pull out that extra large wine glass you got during lockdown (so you could lie to yourself and say you only had the one glass today) fill it to the brim with some cubed ice.

Easiest way to do this is to count your pour and multiply. For example:

Soda for 3 seconds.

Hotel Starino for 6 seconds.

Frizzante Prosecco for 9 seconds.

Add a wedge of orange to it and we are done.


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