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Umbrella Brewing Product Launch – TT Liquor

Thursday 9th March saw the launch party for Umbrella Brewing and their fiery, cloudy alcoholic ginger beer.


It was set to be a big night from the off, and it didn’t fail to deliver. Fridges were brimming with ginger beer – in fact, it was everywhere you turned. Just past the bridge on Kingsland Road in the newly opened TT Liquor, the scene was set.

As you entered into TT’s bottle shop, there was a tongue-in-cheek photo op, with a replica of one of the five bottle labels – all of which inspired by the Decca 45 sleeves of the ‘60s – as the backdrop.

The ginger beer was flowing as you moved through the venue to a soundtrack of rock ‘n’ roll from Umbrella Radio’s John Robinson, taking in the ‘60s sounds of the acts you’d find inside the sleeves that inspired the bottle artwork.

Spirits were high with ‘The Ginger Beard’ – a whisky and ginger beer based cocktail, and ‘The Cure’ – gin and ginger beer based, being firm favourites with the ever-increasing crowd. Not to mention the beer-and-a-bumps which were flying out.

In the live room, the walls were adorned with Decca 45s and Would skateboards incorporating the same sleeve designs as the bottles, all alongside projections of The Stones in their heyday.

When the crowds were well oiled, Groove-Rock Psychedelics, Tempesst took to the stage for a rip-roaring set, as dynamic as it was infectious. Recent singles ‘Broke Down Blues’ & ‘Tidal Wave’ drew the biggest cheers. Pretty special.

Rennie from Scottish legends The View took over the reins on the ones and twos with an indie soaked rock ‘n’ roll rollercoaster that kept vibes high to the last.

A night to remember, though many might not!

We are glad to announce that Umbrella Brewing is now part of the reception cocktail for both Mixology Events and TT Liquor’s Cocktail Making Classes.

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