Killowen The Dalriadan Part 1 of 2


Whiskey lovers have always pondered which nation created whiskey, in truth whiskey evolved long before our fixed ideals of nation and kingdoms. Nowhere is this fluidity of place acknowledged more, than the lands surrounding the sea of Moyle. Predating whiskey’s foundations, there was once an ancient kingdom known as Dalriata, a kingdom long since disappeared yet the fluidity of her peoples remains just as dynamic to this day.

This Killowen The Dalriadan Part 1 of 2 drop is a celebration of different, but heavily related whiskey traditions and dare we say, when merged, a beautiful fusion is created. Both whiskeys originate safely within the boundaries of what was once, a vibrant sea-faring nation, so here’s Slánte to the past, or next 1400 years.

Limited to 386 bottles
57.5%  500ml

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Fruit Salad Sweets at the start, with apricot, lemon and pineapple coming to the fore, not forgetting the Atlantic turf fire in the background.
Crumbley Wensleydale with dried fruit – apricot, lemon and maybe even blueberry.
This is where the whiskey champions itself, there is cigar leaf, but there seems to be a powdery texture among that deep peaty smoke and herbal notes, and lastly citrus, crumbly cheese once more.